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Zigong Dinosaur Museum

Zigong Dinosaur Museum was built over the well-known Dashanpu Dinosaur Fauna and formally opened to the public in January 1987. Covering 67,000㎡. it collects, researches and displays the concomitant of Jurassic dinosaur fossils and relics. It is the first dinosaur museum in China, the largest and only dinosaur museum with burial site in Asia, and one of the three dinosaur museums with burial site in the world. Zigong Dinosaur Museum has supplied a gap that there is no professional dinosaur museum in China and represented the rich fossil resources of dinosaur and the wonder of dinosaur grotto site. Being the national first level museum and 4A scenic spot, the museum is the core of Zigong Global Geopark. The dinosaur has been exhibited decades of times all over the five continents.